Witchy Wednesday Ritual: Elemental Magic

The elements are all around us and within us. Learning to use the elements in your daily life can help you connect deeply to your own power and to the power of this 3D world we live in. The elements also correlate with the directions in witchcraft, further amplifying their energy.
Today's ritual: bring all 5 elements into your day in an intentional way
Air (East): Face east and take 3 deep breaths
Fire (South): Face south and let the sun bathe your face in warmth
Water (West): Face west and drink water or bring a bowl outside and cleanse your hands 
Earth (North): Face north with your bare feet on the earth and thank Gaia for her support  
Ether (Center, Above, Below): Close your eyes and go within to connect to your inner world and express gratitude 
Invite the elements into your life and see where you feel most drawn and where you may feel some resistance. 
As Above, So Below
As Within, So Without
And so it is! And so it shall be!

Image via witchcraft101.com
Witchy Wednesday Ritual: Elemental Magic